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bbPress Shortcodes Directory

If you are working with bbPress or are thinking about using bbPress as your website’s support forum, I would highly recommend becoming familiar with the following shortcodes for displaying your forum content. We created this directory as a result of our own difficulties in trying to work with what bbPress documentation there is available. Unfortunately, it seems there is not a lot of effort being put into the current bbPress site. bbPress 2.0 has a lot of potential and we wanted to offer some guidance to get you started, because we love the WordPress community.

Note: These shortcodes are for bbPress 2.0.

Forum Shortcodes:

  • [bbp-forum-index]– Displays an index/archive of all forums.
  • [bbp-single-forum id=$forum_id]– Displays topics for a single forum. Replace $forum_id with the forum ID that you want to display.

Topic Shortcodes:

  • [bbp-topic-index]– Displays an index/archive of all topics.
  • [bbp-topic-form]– Displays a Create New Topic form.
  • [bbp-single-topic id=$topic_id]– Displays posts for a single topic. Replace $topic_id with the post ID that you want to display.

Topic Tags:

  • [bbp-topic-tags]– Displays a tag cloud of all topic tags.
  • [bbp-single-topic-tag]– Displays specific topics within a given single tag.

Topic Reply Form:

  • [bbp-reply-form]– Displays a topic reply form. Note: To work correctly this needs to displayed on a specific top id.

Single Topic View:

  • [bbp-single-view]– Displays topics associated with a specific view.


  • [bbp-login]– Displays the login screen. Note: Only required if users have to register to access forums.
  • [bbp-register]– Displays site registration form. Note: Only needed if users have to register to access forums. Submit button needs to be added manually.
  • [bbp-lost-pass]– Displays fields to retrieve lost password. Note: Only required if user have to register to access forums.

This directory is a collection gathered from the bbPress.org site. If you have any issues or errors when using them, be sure to take a look at bbPress Support Forum or let us know below.

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