Easy Digital Downloads


Easy Digital Downloads is a plugin built specifically for selling digital products. It has been designed around the needs of those people selling digital products, rather than around the idea of physical products with digital as a side feature, as most ecommerce plugins are. The plugin is still relatively new …

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Review of WordPress Options Panels


Started as a blog platform, today WordPress is turned into a powerful CMS with great options for everyone to create and maintain his own bussiness or personal site. Every year and with every new vesrion we can find more and more useful features about WordPress. Also you are able to …

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Options for Responsive Themes


Over the past six months it seems that there has been a large push for responsive design so I felt it necessary to layout a few different options for your next WordPress theme. Below is a list of recommended frameworks and grid systems to get started with. Bootstrap from Twitter …

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Add Search to bbPress WordPress Plugin


When working with bbPress I found struggles to get search to work properly, and hopefully after this article you wont have the same struggles I had. I didn’t see any point in building what is already built so I decided to first search the WordPress plugin directory to see what …

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Working with bbPress Forum Installation


Styling and working with bbPress forums can prove to be a challenge. If you’re anything like me, chances are you have tried a handful of different solutions for your WordPress forum software. I have finally begun to really enjoy and utilize bbPress for our forum needs and I feel that …

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bbPress Shortcodes Directory


If you are working with bbPress or are thinking about using bbPress as your website’s support forum, I would highly recommend becoming familiar with the following shortcodes for displaying your forum content. We created this directory as a result of our own difficulties in trying to work with what bbPress …

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Understanding Dynamic WordPress links


ith most CMS environments like WordPress, there is a learning curve to understand how the URL structures work. When I was first learning how to develop WordPress themes, I would look through other themes to help get an understanding of how to call different templates or directories and I would …

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